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The representation of information in an attractive and interactive manner with the use of a combination of text, audio, video, graphics and animation is called Multimedia. In other words we can say that Multimedia is a computerized method of presenting information combining textual data, audio, visuals (video), graphics and animations.

I remember people in the remote village where there is no bus to travel but they have smartphones with fantastic apps like whatsapp, youtube, facebook, etc. It’s so easy to connect to your friends & family and watch all the things happening around the world.

The shepherd has it to let their family where he is, the daily labor has it to know where the next job, vegetable dweller has it to sell his/her products, 70 year old man has it to annoy his kids and grand children, the 8th class student has it to play addictive games, you name the person they’ll have it. For all the features the apps the only one thing they connected to ‘MULTIMEDIA’.

The funny memes, videos, daily serials, farming methods, etc. they watch it, they try to adopt the advancement habits from the videos, start with clothing to news. I’m sure there is plenty of room for development within users to seek best from the good content provided from the internet. Many people are not aware of the anonimity content across the internet but blindly follow just like whatsapp forwards we call it. You know the line

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” -Marcus Aurelius’

One e.g. i can think of during the lockdown, team often calls you to turn on your video during the meeting to see you; How you feel? How you look? How you react? It’s all about your physical reactions for their purview. Now you all know why they calling you back to office, they want to see you, they want to interact with you, touch and feel you(over enthusiasm :))). It’s an psychological behavior to expect to see you. Without audience reaction it’s pretty difficult to analyse how the meeting is going.

Even if the speaker is Steve Jobs it’s boring to listen to him for long duration without any data. The pictorial depiction is a powerful tool to communicate/present, i think that’s the reason great presenters often attract more people.

Multimedia is the king in the market to gain the user base. The features floating around it are profound! The unlimited data for qualitative and quantitative data is interlinked to data storage hence the data is another feather along with storage to multimedia.

Image will be visual depiction triggers your brain cells, store and recognise whenever you come across same/similar visual again.


— How apple has been using especially image and video features are more important compare to other competitors?

— What is their strategy being with most qualitative images and videos capturing?

— How it’s interlinked to the most revenue generated income feature iCloud?

— Why the camera or its features are irreplaceable when you go to the store for repair? Why only you’ve to exchange an old phone and get the new phone?

Other mobile companies about camera and video quality


You know how Art is so special, capturing the art is very difficult and it’s very rare to find an artist.

Now a days everyone with mobile phone is an artist. Remember “every monkey with the camera isn’t a photographer”?, well it got rephrased to “every monkey with a mobile phone becoming crazier than a monkey” camera is so much professional.


Move your pointer on the video it’ll play the highlights of the video? That was so advanced when i worked on the project called Video Skimming. Now, entire video plays when pointer on the video, how advanced is that now?

How to? videos on YouTube

Many people want to learn quickly

You can start, stop and rewatch at where you’ve paused. It really everything on your finger tips. Fast forward the video to see what’ll happen at the end. People cannot resist to watch the entire video. If you watching a movie you want to skip the intro, you want to skip the songs, you can skip whatever you want to in videos.

Social Media

you know the images and videos led products in the market having billions of users across the world.

How you connect to the image?

How you connect to the video?

Why you’re engaged to the multimedia?

What hooks you to become one?

Why you spending hours and hours of staring at multimedia data?

It triggers you, you accepts it, it speaks to you……going deep haven’t I? :)) Many wonders why these people especially kids so engaged to the images/video? A kid in you want to notice things and learn to become one because it teaches you so fast compare to a person demonstrate about the story/logic/whatever.

Once upon a time there was Yahoo! good in display ads now Facebook making lot of money from display ads, infact it’s leading in the market in making money on ads.

Coming to the point on, how impactful multimedia is in the market especially visual and graphical content. There is long way to go on visualisation, i’m hoping there will be much more advancements on how you look at the data. Also AI will become more significant in day to day activity. I’m not sure how Metaverse worksout and how people are/will react-ing.

There is lot of conent to write about multimedia don’t want go bokers on boring long article.

Hope you find it useful.

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